Der Fleck (AT) (in Postproduction)

16mm, color, 16:9, 90 min, 2024

After escaping from gym class, SIMON (17) suddenly finds himself on a riverbank together with a group of strange youths. Only when Marie appears he finds someone to connect with. Together they manage to escape the compulsive dynamics of the group and enter the timeless and in-between realm of the enchanted landscape of the nearby riparian forest. In associative images and mystical nature shots, the film explores the boundaries between individuality and community.


funded by: MOIN Filmförderung, German Federal Film Board & Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, BAK Bundesamt für Kultur (Schweiz), Arri, DFFF.

Leo Kuhn
Alva Schäfer
Shadi Eck
Felix Maria Zeppenfeld
Darja Mahotkin
Marlene Becker
Charlotte Hovenbitzer
Lasse Stadelmann
Ruby Lichtenberg
Sina Genschel
Rumo Wehrli
Matthias Neukirch
Michael Neuenschwander

Director, Script, Editing - Willy Hans
Cinematography - Paul Spengemann
Production Design + Costume Design - Stella Rossié, Jimena Cugat, Jakob Spengemann
Sound - Marco Teufen
Electrician, Light - Marvin Hesse
Production - Fünferfilm, 8Horses
Producer - Julia Cöllen, Frank Scheuffele, Karsten Krause, Matthias Huser, Michi Pini
1st AD - Salka Tiziana
1st AC - Johannes Päch
Casting - Babet Mader